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Our Values


As the company motto “Integrity is our most important asset,” this value is critical to the success of our business.   We are committed to providing trust, honesty, and transparency to our customers as well as our work family.

Make a Positive Difference

At Marcal, we make a point to create positive change while also inspiring others to do the same. 

Committed to Our Work Family

We care for well-being of all members of our work family.  Being committed to our work family means that it is our desire as a company to create an atmosphere that offers trust, respect, humility, integrity, transparency, commitment, and support to all, especially in times of need.

Lead with Humility - A Servant's Heart

In everything we do, humility is displayed.  At Marcal, we see people, not positions. As we lead, no person is above or below another in a sense of importance to our company. 

Respect for All

Everyone deserves to be respected. We all have different viewpoints, opinions, and backgrounds, but share the common goal of success. Being respectful, in any case, will allow for positive, healthy, and productive interactions amongst one another which will result in a unified synergy throughout the organization.