Pull off the Perfect Picnic with these Tips from Marcal® Paper!

Don’t let this summer slip away without enjoying at least one picnic! Whether your ideal outdoor meal is a three-course lunch on the back patio or a fresh-caught fish dinner over the campfire, these tips should help you enjoy it to the fullest!

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Gather your accessories

There are several extras that you can bring along to transform your picnic from good to great. This includestraveling spice containers, wet wipes, trash bags, throw-away utensils and plates, bug spray, sunscreen, card games, lawn chairs, an umbrella and whatever else you and your fellow picnickers might enjoy!

Consider your destination

If you’re going to a park with an awesome lake, don’t forget your swim wear! Or, if you’re going to be on a sandy beach, consider straw mats instead of a picnic blanket to keep your family and food sand free. Wherever you’re enjoying your picnic, be sure to consider the location to best prepare for the fun activities it might have to offer!

Pack in reverse order

This detail is so simple yet so often overlooked – pack your supplies in the reverse order that you will need them! This means making sure that your picnic blanket is on top so you aren’t overturning your dessert to get to it, and so on.

Keep it simple

One of the best aspects of a picnic is the food! Make sure it doesn’t become a hassle by packing food that is safe at any temperature and is easy to serve and share. This would rule out items like large cuts of meat, soups, messy pastas like spaghetti, etc. However, items like cut fruits, veggies, crackers and sandwiches are great! If you do want to serve cold salads and drinks, bring along a separate cooler in which to safely store and transport those items.

Have fun!