Have Some Fun in the Sun with These Summer Activities from Marcal® Paper

marcal paper summer activities

When it’s hot outside, peeling yourself off the couch and finding fun activities to do can easily become the last thing on your mind.

That’s why we’ve compiled this collection of family-friendly activities to motivate you to enjoy the nice weather, and vacation time, while you still can!

Set up a lemonade stand
What’s better than a cold, sweet drink on a sunny summer day? Well, maybe a cold, sweet drink and a little extra spending money! Help your kids set up a lemonade stand and use the opportunity to teach them their first lessons on money management.

Star gaze
Have a nighttime picnic with a view – of the stars! Pack up a blanket, snacks and the family and take a road trip out of the city for a breathtaking look at the night sky.

Camp in the backyard
Sometimes a simple change of scenery can inspire hours of imagination and relaxation. Pretend that you’re on an adventure deep in the woods while you help your kids set up a tent and roast marshmallows over the stovetop.

Visit a drive in theater
You don’t have to miss out on summer blockbusters while you’re dreaming up family activities. Make the movies special by seeing them at a drive in theater. Don’t forget to take your family to the concession stand for nachos and popcorn!

Do something that makes both you and your community better by volunteering. Use a service like Volunteer Match to find family-friendly opportunities.

Take a sunrise hike
Get a good night’s sleep and tackle an early morning hike to a spot where you can get a great view of the sun coming up. It might not be easy to get the whole family up and moving before sunrise, but the beautiful view is sure to make it all worth it.