Frequently Asked Questions

Which MARCAL products are 100% recycled?
All of Marcal®  bath tissue, paper towels, napkins and facial tissue products are manufactured with 100% recycled materials.
Are recycled paper products safe to use?
Yes, all Marcal®  brand products are manufactured to required standards; using recycled content does not affect the safety of our products.
Does MARCAL use “recycled” toilet paper?
No, Marcal®  does not recycle used toilet paper. Consumers dispose of these items either in septic or sewage systems or in the trash, none of which are collected for recycling.
What does MARCAL use for its recycled paper?
Most of the recycled paper used for MARCAL® products comes from Township and Collection Agencies, and is primarily made up of used magazines, bulk mailings (junk mail), office paper waste and computer paper, in addition to scraps or trimmings from printers which would otherwise end up in landfills.
Does MARCAL individually wrap all its bath tissue rolls?
Only bath tissue rolls which are sold as single units are wrapped individually in order to provide packaging to identify the product on the store shelf. Marcal® 20 count bath tissue rolls were previously individually wrapped within the plastic bundle. However, many consumers expressed concern over the wasteful use of the paper wrapping, so we have eliminated this double packaging.
Are MARCAL paper towels safe to be used in the microwave oven?
Marcal® brand paper products are designed for general household use. Marcal does not recommend or endorse the use of any of its paper products in microwave or any other type of oven. There are many different types and power levels of microwave ovens; we recommend that you refer to the owner’s manual for the appliance or contact the oven manufacturer to determine what types of product can or cannot be used in your specific appliance.
Are MARCAL products toilet and septic safe?
All of Marcal® bath tissue products are septic safe for “Normal Use” in all “Properly Operating Systems”, and, according to a leading consumer publication, Marcal® brand bath tissue adequately “breaks up” when used in this setting.

  • “Normal Use” means that you do not use an excessively large amount of bathroom tissue at one time.
  • “Properly Operating Systems” means that the toilet plumbing and/or septic systems are operating correctly without any problems.
  • As we (Soundview Paper Company) do not know the actual working condition of your system, it is the consumer’s responsibility to know the operating condition of their specific systems.
Are MARCAL products safe for boats, campers, and RV’s?
Marcal® bath tissue products are safe to use for “Normal Use” in all “Properly Operating Systems” (see above for definitions of those terms). We recommend using the Marcal® one-ply 1000 sheets per roll product for boats, campers, and RV’s, as it “breaks up” slightly faster than our 2-ply product.
Are MARCAL products biodegradable?
Essentially, all paper products are biodegradable; however, they must be exposed to certain conditions in order to degrade, such as the presence of sufficient oxygen, moisture, and bacteria. Marcal® Paper Products are biodegradable where these proper conditions exist.
Does Soundview Paper Company use chlorine bleaching, and if not, what do they use to “bleach” the products?
Soundview Paper Company does not use elemental chlorine in any part of our manufacturing process. Soundview Paper Company whitens its products using a proprietary process that strips out the color from the paper fibers without using chlorine bleach.
Why do some of your MARCAL paper towels come in smaller sheets?
All spills aren’t always big ones. MARCAL are available in U-SIZE-IT® sheets so you can tear off only what you need.
Are the plastic wrappers used on MARCAL recyclable?
Yes, we use #4 LDPE plastic for our packaging which can be recycled. Check with your local community to see if recycling is available near you.