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Reusable Heavy Duty Wipers

Reusable cost-effective wipers offer a safe, hygienic and convenient alternative to rental shop towels and rags. They can be used in applications such as surface prep, cleaning tools and equipment, solvent application, grease and oil as well as a great alternative to cloth shop towels.
Item No.DescriptionFeet/RollSheets/RollItems/CaseCases/PalletDuty StrengthColorLearn More
R941R94112" x 13" - Jumbo Roll - White943870154Heavy DutyWhiteView Item/wipers/r941/
r943R9439" x 16.75" - Pop Up Box - WhiteN/A10/1001,00040Heavy DutyWhiteView Item/wipers/r943/

Single Use Heavy Duty Wipers

Single use have a cloth-like feel and are highly absorbent. Their low lint makes them great for glass and mirror cleaning as well as for use in heavy duty machine and tooling, staining, wiping up oil, grease, water, hand wiping, and general purpose cleaning.
Item No.DescriptionSheet/RollItems/CaseCases/PalletDuty StrengthFeet/CaseColorLearn More
S920S9209" x 13" - Centerpull Roll - White - HW200454Heavy Duty217WhiteView Item/wipers/s920/
S915S9159" x 16.5" - Pop Up Box - White - HW9/10090033Heavy DutyN/AWhiteView Item/wipers/s915/

Single Use Light Duty Wipers

Single use have a cloth-like feel and are highly absorbent. Their low lint makes them great for process line wiping and cleaning as well as for use in light duty janitorial, patient hygiene, and maintenance wiping.
Item No.DescriptionSheets/RollItems/CaseCases/PalletDuty StrengthFeet/CaseColorLearn More
S900S90012" x 13" - 1/4 Fold - White - LW18/5090036Light DutyN/AWhiteView Item/wipers/s900/
S902S90212" x 13" - Jumbo Roll - White - LW950154Light Duty1,029WhiteView Item/wipers/s902/
S901S9019.38" x 16.5" - Pop Up Box - White - LW9/10090024Light DutyN/AWhiteView Item/wipers/s901/

Reusable Medium Duty Wipers

Reusable wipers are durable, absorbent, and have a great cloth-like feel. They can be used in applications such as automotive paint prep, glass and mirror cleaning, solvent applications, lubricants, as well as general hand wiping.

Item No.DescriptionFeet/RollSheets/RollItems/CaseCases/PalletDuty StrengthColorLearn More
R935R93512" x 13" - Jumbo Roll - Blue - MW1,1921,100154Medium DutyBlueView Item/wipers/r935/
R931R9319" x 16.75" - Pop Up Box - White - MW10/1251,25040Medium DutyWhiteView Item/wipers/r931/

Food Grade Wipers


Marcal provides the quality and performance of real linen at a fraction of the cost. These heavy-weight napkins are ideal for messy foods, such as barbecue, seafood, and bread baskets. Replace your expensive linen service with economical, hygienic linen like disposables.

Item No.DescriptionItems/CaseCases/PalletDuty StrengthColorLearn More
R1045(1)R104514" x 14" - Flat Napkin - White - MW1,00030Medium DutyWhiteView Item/wipers/r1045/