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Let Marcal Help You and Your Company Achieve Your Environmental Sustainability Goals!

As a leading manufacturer of recycled and eco-friendly bath, towel, and tissue products, Marcal creates unique and innovative products to meet the growing demands of our modern-day world.

For over 80 years, we have provided cleaner and greener alternatives for all your commercial paper product needs.

Meeting the highest independent standards of sustainability, many of Marcal’s products hold third-party environmental certifications.

Located just outside of NYC, Marcal is at the center of a multitude of recyclable resources. This unique geographical advantage allows us to develop and manufacture affordable and sustainable paper products for all of your commercial paper needs.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is demonstrated by manufacturing products that are made from locally-collected waste paper – bringing to market a product offering that supports:

Environmental Sustainability
Marcal produces only recycled paper products from deinked, recycled fibers; thereby, protecting our most valuable resources.  Other paper makers often use some virgin fibers which involve deforestation and chlorine bleaching, both which have long-term environmental consequences.

Social Sustainability
Our products are proudly made in the USA.   As a core part of our corporate mission, we support many community outreach programs and encourage employee advancement and wellness.

Economic Sustainability
We are committed to practicing sound accounting principles and business process governances which enable our company’s viability, allowing us to continue to employ and invest more capital.

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Environmentally-conscious towel and tissue products for retail, commercial, hospitality and more.

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A wide range of towel and tissue products for office and commercial customers and distributors.

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High-quality, environmentally-focused Marcal tissue products for the home.

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Marcal offers recycled grades in a variety of basis weights and trim widths for finished goods.

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