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Sustainable. Reliable. Affordable

Marcal Paper, a pioneer since 1950 in recycled paper production, is proud to lead the industry. With our integrated mills, we specialize in custom fiber and pulp production, offering a diverse range of paper products for various industries.

From 1000’ roll towels to facial tissue and napkins, our modern technologies ensure quality and affordability. Plus, our 100% recycled fiber paper supports an eco-friendly approach.

With our new, Structured Sheet Technology, we’ve achieved a remarkable 41% reduction in greenhouse gases, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability. With distribution across North America, we provide innovative solutions for a touch-free world, always prioritizing both economy and the environment.

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Controlled Use Roll Towels / Controlled Use Bath Tissue / Controlled Use Dispensers

Center Pull Towels / Roll Towels / Folded Towels / Kitchen Roll Towels

Jumbo Roll Tissue / Standard Bath Tissue / Facial Tissue

Transcend® Hand Hygiene Dispensers / Transcend® Hand Hygiene Soap & Sanitizers

Wipers / Napkins / Seat Covers

Universal Towel Dispensers / Tissue Dispensers / Transcend® Controlled Use Dispensers

Why Marcal?

Learn why the leaders in the industry have chosen Marcal as their preferred supplier of quality towel and tissue products and innovative dispensers.

Marcal provides the finest customer service in the industry. When you call Marcal, you never have to “Press 1” to talk to a live person. Instead, you always get to speak with a courteous, experienced professional who is there to help you

Marcal’s nationwide, dedicated Sales Team Members are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry and can assist you with solution selling, conversions and estimations, joint sales calls & ride alongs, national installation network and environmental impact training.

From informative videos to DSR Training Seminars to knowledgeable in-house Product Specialists, Marcal provides complete support for every product and application:

• Product Support

• System Training Videos

• Installation & ADA Guidelines Information

• Specification Sheets & Sales Literature

• DSR Training Seminars

• Cost-in-Use Calculators

Marcal has a variety of controlled-use towel and tissue systems – keeping you in the door longer as a single-source supplier. Marcal offers the simplest proprietary program in the industry. Ask your Marcal Regional Sales Manager for complete details.

Since our founding in the 1950s, Marcal has proudly upheld the tradition of manufacturing products in the USA, a testament to our dedication to quality and integrity. Beyond production, this commitment extends to our core mission, where we actively support numerous community outreach programs and prioritize the advancement and wellness of our employees.

Since the 1950s, Marcal has been a trailblazer in environmentally-sound production methods. Our commitment remains steadfast as we ensure the majority of our products are 100% recycled and meet or surpass EPA guidelines for post and pre consumer content. We are committed to practicing sound accounting principles and business process governance, enabling our company’s viability. This dedication allows us to continue employing and investing more capital in our operations. With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, Marcal consistently delivers high-quality paper products while prioritizing responsibility.

Our Brands

Solutions for Every Industry

Since the 1950s, Marcal has been the trusted choice for quality products in the away-from-home market. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just products; we provide unparalleled service that has earned the trust of customers. You’ll discover our products in thousands of industrial and commercial locations, including medical and government complexes, as well as in airports and hotels.