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Tissue Dispensers

Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispensers

Marcal’s Twin JRT Tissue Dispensers hold 2,290 feet of 2-ply tissue, reducing maintenance and waste with an efficient stub roll feature.  Streamline your setup and ensure continuous availability with Marcal’s Mini Twin Tissue Dispensers.

DescriptionItems/CaseCases/PalletDepthFor Use WithColorLearn More" Single Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser4484.75"1208-8, 1209, 120VT, 2109, PQ800, 9021, 3109, JRT002SmokeView Item/tissue-dispenser/ae42v/ Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser4545.25 "1500, 2750SmokeView Item/tissue-dispenser/3275/ Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser4284.825 "1208-8, 1209, 120VT, 2109, PQ800, JRT002, 3109SmokeView Item/tissue-dispenser/3253/ Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser4284.825 "1125/12, 1450, 1500, 2650, 2750SmokeView Item/tissue-dispenser/3662/ Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser4285.25 "1208-8, 1209, 120VT, 2109, PQ800, 9021, 3109, JRT002Black, White, Stainless FinishView Item/tissue-dispenser/t300/ Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser4285.25 "1125/12, 1500, 2650, 2750Black, White, Stainless FinishView Item/tissue-dispenser/t320/

Standard Bath Tissue Dispensers

DescriptionItems/CaseCases/PalletDepthFor Use WithColorLearn More Carousel Standard Bath Tissue Dispenser11446.08 "1001, 3302, 4450, 4521, 5022, 5501, 6022, 8215, 9455, RT500, B50096SmokeView Item/tissue-dispenser/ct405/ Bath Tissue Dispenser6426.0 "1001, 24480, 300HC, 3302, 4450, 4521, 5022, 5501, 6022, 65048, 8215, 9455, RR600, RT500, B50096SmokeView Item/tissue-dispenser/25000/